The latest generation of BioNomadix Transmitters can operate with the BioNomadix Logger or a matched BioNomadix Receiverto noninvasively record full signal bandwidth physiology data. BioNomadix Transmitters are typically dual-channel devices, offering either two of the same biopotential or transducer signal or a combination of signals. Transmitters can easily be synced with a Logger for data logging and later download to AcqKnowledge or to a matched Receiver and MP150 System for live data recording in AcqKnowledge. AcqKnowledge can combine data from multiple transmitters into one graph file. Multiple transmitters can be used with a BioNomadix System for multi-subject or multi-parameter research studies.

BioNomadix signal types include: ECG, EEG, EMG, EOG, EGG, EDA, Pulse, Respiration, Temperature, Impedance Cardiography (NICO), Strike Force (Heel-Toe), Clench Force (Dynamometry), Goniometry, Torsiometry, and Accelerometry.

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BioHarness with AcqKnowledgeTM software is a state-of-the-art lightweight portable biological data logger and telemetry system. It monitors, analyzes and records a variety of physiological parameters including ECG, respiration, temperature, posture, and acceleration. BioHarness applications include physiology, psychology, psychophysiology, exercise physiology, ergonomics, human factors, and more. 

The BioHarness operates in Bluetooth transmitting mode for live viewing of data or data logging mode. In the data logging mode, the BioHarness logs the data for later download to the AcqKnowledgeTM software using the USB docking and charging cradle that comes with the system. A specially-licensed version of AcqKnowledge is included and required when used with BioHarness.

BioHarness Data Channels

  • ECG - Raw
  • Breathing
  • RR Interval
  • Heart Rate
  • Respiration Rate
  • Skin Temperature
  • Posture
  • Vector Magnitude
  • Peak Acceleration
  • Breathing Wave Amplitude
  • X axis acceleration min
  • X axis acceleration peak
  • Y axis acceleration min
  • Y axis acceleration peak
  • Z axis acceleration peak
  • Z axis acceleration min

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Mobita is a new wearable physiological signal amplifier system that can record up to 32 channels of high-fidelity wireless biopotential data, including ECG, EEG, EGG, EMG, and EOG data. The system can either telemeter data back to a computer running AcqKnowledge for real-time display and analysis of the signals, or record it locally for later download. Easily switch between live or logging modes to suit your research protocol.

The system includes the Mobita hardware unit and choice of one ConfiCap from:

  • 32-Channel EEG (MB-20EEG-CAP-A) - includes medium EEG cap with water electrodes - no gel required; other cap sizes available
  • International 10/20 Montage EEG (MB-20EEG-CAP-B) - includes medium EEG cap; other cap sizes available
  • 12 snap fit electrode leads and 20 Touchproof sockets (MB-12+20-CAP) - provides up to 32-channels of your choice

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