Gas Anesthesia

Stoelting's Complete Anesthesia System was designed specifically for stereotaxic surgery!  The complete system includes an Active Gas Scavenger with VetScav Filter Weighing Device, continuous flow Induction Chamber, Oxygen Generator, Low Flow O2 Meter for Mice and Rats, Wheeled Cart and Shelf.  Stereotaxic instrument sold separately.


Active Gas Scavenger (Product Number 50206) with VetScav Canister Weighing Device (Product Number 53026)

Continuous Induction Chamber (Product Number 53084)

Oxygen Concentrator (Product Number 50587)

Mobile Anesthesia System Complete with Isoflurane Vaporizer, Key-Filled and Low Flow O2 Meter (Product Number 53005)

Active Gas Scavenger with VetScav Canister Weighing Device features:

Active Gas Scavenging with Cost-Effective Charcoal Canisters

Alarm Detects Full Canister

Ergonomically Designed Sloping Front for Easy Access and Removal

Red Perspex Design to Minimize Animal Distress

Spring Hinged Lid for Added Security

Diffuser Ensures Even Distribution of Anesthetic Gases

NO Need for Heavy Tanks!

Provides UNLIMITED Supply of Oxygen at Significantly Lower Cost

Adjustable Flow Rate from 0.5-5 Liters/Min

Mobile Surgical Suite!

Accommodates Stereotaxic Instrument

Built-In Vaporizer and O2 Meter

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Powdered Gloves






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Wound Closures

Autoclip Wound Closures:The Autoclip® Applier works like a staple gun to rapidly apply clip closures. The applier will hold 20, 9mm clips, which are held firm and ready for use by rustles beryllium-copper springs. The applier will provide maximum holding force with minimal trauma. There is no need for assistance to operate the applier or remover. When the wound is healed, clips are easily removed with the Autoclipor EZ Clip Remover.

Stainless steel clips are non-pyrogenic and supplied non-sterile, but may be autoclaved. They are 9mm in length and are packaged 20 clips on a rack, 5 racks to a box. The case of 1000 contains 10 boxes of Autoclips. EZ clips can be used in the Autoclip Applier.

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Single Gooseneck Illuminators:A rugged, convection-cooled enclosures results in no noise or vibration. Units deliver over 10,000 foot candles of intense, cold illumination. Easy lamp changes and a lifetime warranty round out these hardworking illumination.


  • long life
  • energy efficient
  • true “cool light” source
  • interchangeable fiber optic interface adapter
  • smaller package
  • minimal color temperature variation when dimmed and over lifetime
  • fast warm-up and output stabilization
  • no high voltage power supply

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Cautery Instruments

Low Temperature Disposable Cautery Pens:These patented Aaron RAM™ cauteries have an impressive four-year shelf-life and are quite simply the best cauteries ever made. With a variety of low temperatures and fine tips the surgeon is assured of precise pinpoint hemostasis. All disposable cauteries are individually packaged sterile 10 per box.

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Homeothermic Blanket

This Homeothermic Blanket and temperature control system is designed to actively maintain an animal’s body temperature at a preset target value. A 2.0 mm temperature probe provides feedback to the controller about the animal’s core body temperature. The controller adjusts current to the heating pad to maintain the desired body temperature.



0.1° C


25-45° C

Extra Small Heating Pad

65 X 95 mm

Small Heating Pad

100 X 125 mm

Medium Heating Pad

125 X 250 mm

Large Heating Pad

250 X 250 mm

Temperature Probe

2mm tip diameter

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Animal Warming System

Prevent body heat loss and hypothermia during surgery and recovery with this water circulating pump. Solid state water circulating pump warms to an adjustable set temperature and circulates water through a therapeutic pad for even heat distribution.

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Oxygen Generator

The Oxygen Concentrator is an economical way of providing medical grade oxygen without relying on the traditional bulky, inconvenient and costly O2 cylinders.


  • Never pay to refill an oxygen sensor again
  • Unlimited supply of oxygen at a significantly lower cost
  • Quiet and easy operation
  • Adjustable flow rate from 0.5-5 liters/min

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VetScav Anesthesia Filter Weighing Device

VetScav Anesthesia Filter Weighing Device automatically weighs anesthetic filter canisters while in use! For use with Active Gas Scavenger.


* Uses VetScav filters that provide substantial cost savings over existing carbon filters
* Simple LED system, with illumination at every 50 grams of weight gained
* Alarm sounds when canister is full 

* Much less expensive than Aldasorbers
* Supplied in Cases of 6
* Canister Weight when new @ 1200gms
* Canister Weight when full @ 1400gms

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CO2 Chamber

CO2 Chambers for use with CO2 Gas Cylinder

Supplied standard with Male Push on Fittings, suitable for a tubing connection or to a female quick release inlet.

Features include:

  • Red perspex design minimizes animal distress
  • Perforated PVC false floor
  • Diffuser pipe fitted beneath false floor to ensure even distribution of anesthetic
  • All gas connections located on one side of the chamber increases work space
  • Three sizes (small, medium and large) and two colors (clear and red)

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Ear Tags

Ear Tags:Small Animal Ear Tags are especially suited for use with small lab and research animals (mice, rats and other rodents). The light weight easy-to-read tags allow for trouble-free identification.


  • Ear tags are numbered from 1-100 (available up to 999)
  • Available in 5 colors (1.Red 2.Green 3.Blue 4. Light Blue  5.Black)
  • Once applied, they cannot be easily removed
  • Laser-etched number provides durability

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Animal Markers

Animal Markers:Unlike permanent markers and art markers, which can contain chemicals harmful to animals, Animal Marker use "legal pigments," which are approved and regulated by the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, for use in food, drugs and cosmetics. These pigments are nontoxic and devoid of any hazardous materials. For use on the rodent's coat. Color will not remain on the animal's skin


  • Nontoxic and devoid of any hazardous materials*
  • A single marker can be used to mark 300-500 rats (depending upon animal size and/or applied area)
  • Once applied, colors remain for 6-12 weeks
  • Broad and fine tip markers available

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Lab Coats

Lab Coats:Cloth-like, microporous material provides general purpose protection in areas where dirt, grime, splashes and spills are present. Economical and lightweight, yet strong and durable. Breathable for worker comfort. Low linting and anti-static. Features elastic wrists and a 5-snap closure. Available in two or three pockets or no pockets. Colors include blue, white or purple.

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Face Maks

Face Masks:High filtration efficiency down to 0.6µ. Ear loops of soft stretch yarn, three ply. Constructed with glass-free filter media inside soft non-irritating layers. Full-width flexible nosepiece for superior fit and security. Case of 300.

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Micromotor Drill

Micromotor Drill:The high speed drill (up to 38,000 rpm) is configured for stereotaxic surgery, particularly in soft skull animals such as neonatal rats and mice. It’s perfect for use with the 51725 Just for Mice™ Stereotaxic.

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Tweezers and Forceps

Dumont Forceps: Dumont forceps are hand crafted in Switzerland by the world's number one manufacturer of precision tweezers and forceps.

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Clips and Clamps

Micro Clips:These micro clips provide a very easy and secure method of stopping blood flow while performing procedures on vessels. Using the Stoelting applying forceps, surgical clips can easily be positioned on the vessels. The locking forceps allows for easy, precise, and secure grasping of the micro surgical clips. Simply grasp the clip with the forceps to open the jaw, slid it over the vessels and release. To remove surgical clips, simply perform the procedure in reverse. This procedure does not compromise the vessels integrity.


Schwartz Clips:Schwartz Micro Clips provide a very easy and secure method of stopping blood flow while performing procedures on vessels temporarily. The locking forceps allows for easy, precise, and secure grasping of the micro surgical clips. Simply grasp the clip with the forceps to open the jaw, slid it over the vessels and release. To remove surgical clips, simply perform the procedure in reverse. This procedure does not compromise the vessels integrity.

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Bone Cutting Forceps:Bone cutting tools allow for sharp cuts through soft bone and cartilage.

Straight Operating Scissors:Straight Operating Scissors: Blunt/Blunt Blades.

Mayo Scissors:Straight-bladed Mayo scissors are designed for cutting body tissues near the surface of a wound. Curved-bladed Mayo scissors allow deeper penetration into the wound than the type with straight blades. The curved style of Mayo scissor is used to cut thick tissues.


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Sterile Disposable Scalpels:Stainless steel surgical blades mounted on plastic handles with fluted finger-grips. Scalpel blade is safely protected by pull-off protector shield. Individually sealed in peel-apart, see-through package. Box of 10.

Scalpel Handles:A variety of scalpel handles for all of your surgical research needs

Scalpel Blades:A variety of scalpel handles for all of your surgical research needs.



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Shaver and Trimmer

Surgical Clippers:The Andis AG clippers run quiet and cool, without the need for vent holes that could take in hair and dander. The durable housing remains cool to the touch even after long operation. The blade assemblies are detachable and can be changed quickly. The blade sets are interchangeable between Oster A-5 and the Andis AG clippers. Andis blades are made of high carbon steel, hardened for long cutting life. Provided with a #40 surgical blade. Available in 110 or 220 Volt models.

Rechargeable Surgical Clippers:Clipper Features: Powerful, detachable blade clipper designed for quick and easy results for all-day heavy use. Quiet operation-will not frighten sensitive animals. High-speed motor-3800 strokes per minute. Runs continuously for 60-75 minutes with fully charged battery pack. 15% faster and 10% smaller than comparable models. Cordless operation provides easy mobility around animals. Hair won't be blown into wounds or incisions-operates cool without fans. Virtually maintenance-free with no oiling or greasing of internal parts needed. On/Off switch with lock for safe operation. Heavy duty storage case holds and protects all components.


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