Tissuebath System

Tissuebath: The Tissue Bath Station is completely modular, which enables you to purchase it in multiples of one unit. The System includes all of the glassware (tissue bath and warming coil), tubing, reservoir, tissue hooks and mounting accessories, force transducer and micrometer tension adjuster.

The ergonomic design of the station allows you to lower the tissue bath away from the tissue holder so that mounting of the tissue preparation is very easy. The taps for filling and draining the bath are mounted on the tubing to avoid the risk of accidental bath breakage. The entire station is mounted on a convenient base stand, which creates a sturdy platform for your experiment. The unique design makes it easy to add or remove stations to provide the optimal solution for your requirements.

When you order a Tissue Bath system, you must specify the following four items:

  1. Tissue Bath - 5 ml, 10 ml, 20 ml, or 30 ml
  2. Warming coil - 5 ml, 10 ml, 20 ml, or 30 ml
  3. Reservoir - 400 ml jacketed for warming or 1000 ml unjacketed
  4. Force Transducer 50 g - MP36/35 interface (SSL63L) or MP150/100 interface (TSD125C)

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Force Transducer (SS12LA)

Force Transducer: The Variable Range Force Transducer incorporates a unique design that allows the transducer to cover a wide range of forces. This makes it ideal for covering a wide variety of applications. Forces are transmitted back to the beam via a lever arm to insure accurate force measurements. The lever arm has a number of attachment points, each location covering a different range. Change the range of the force transducer from 50 g to 1000 g. This allows you to use the same transducer for very fine in-vitro tissue bath work and also larger in-vivo applications.

The beam and lever arm are mounted in a sealed aluminium enclosure which includes a 9.5 mm diameter mounting rod for holding the transducer in a large variety of orientations.


Sensitivity 1 mV/V (for 5 V excitation, output is 5 mV at full scale)

Temperature Range -10° C to 70° C

Thermal Zero Shift <±0.03% FSR/° C

Thermal Range Shift <0.03% Reading/° C

Excitation Voltage 5 VDC

Nonlinearity <±0.025% FSR

Hysteresis* <±0.05% FSR

Non-repeatability <±0.05% FSR

30-Minute Creep <±0.05% FSR

Dimensions 19 mm (wide) × 25 mm (thick) × 190 mm (long)

Weight (with mounting rod) 300 g

Cable length 3 meters


Aluminium: hook rings

        Anodized aluminium: housing

        Stainless Steel: attachment arm 

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