Gentech in collaboration with BIOPAC systems USA has organized several workshops from 5th February to 9th February in New Delhi and Chandigarh

These workshops are designed for physiologist, pharmacologist, neuroscientist, Biomedical Engineers, psychologist for teaching and research .It will provide opportunity to see some of our latest BIOPAC teaching system, Resaerch systems, Wireless recording of various physiological parmeters , wireless EEG ,fNIR etc.

 1.      Education System:  The Biopac Student Lab System .

BSL system has been the number one teaching system within the US for two decades. The system allows each of your students to record physiological signals from their own body and then analyze those signals at home or in the lab, using our free BSL analysis software . Signals include ECG, EMG, EEG, EOG, EGG, Respiration, Blood Pressure, Heart Sounds, Hand Grip Strength/Fatigue, Cardiac Output, Airflow/Lung Volumes, Temperature, Accelerometers, Goniometers, Stimulation (0 to 10 volts), Reaction Time, EDA/GSR/SCR, Nerve Conduction and many more (view experiments here). The BSL system can be used for both teaching as well as research.

 2.      Research System:  Wireless versus wired signals (this workshop will focus on our research equipment). During this workshop, we will record a few wireless signals (ECG, Respiration, EMG and others). We will discuss advantages of wireless versus wired setups, and we will go over some of the commonly used features within our AcqKnowledge software. The goal of these workshops is to allow customers to see the latest hardware offered through Biopac.

 Schedule of workshops is as follows


5th February: Ultimate Physiology Teaching solutions using computerized BIOPAC system ;Venue Vardhman Mahavir Medical College (VMMC)  & Safdarjung Hospital

Participants: Medical Colleges of Delhi.

During these workshops, we will focus on the following:


Workshop2 : BIOPAC SYSTEM FOR RECORDING ECG,EEG,EMG, Cognitive state analysis.

Dates : 7-8th Feb 2018 at  Punjab Engineering college


Workshop 3: Neuropschyophysiology

Feburary 9th: Venue  : Department of Pschology , North campus New Delhi. 


Please reserve your seat before 2nd February 2018 Send confirmation of your participation to

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